Owl Butterfly

This Owl Butterfly on display is commonly known as the Brazilian Little Owl. It is a South American butterfly and is often found in rainforests from Guatemala to northern Argentina.

They are known for their eye-like markings, resembling owls’ eyes, which not only deceive predators but draw attention away from more vulnerable body parts.

Large in size for a butterfly, their wing-span can reach 20cm. Despite their impressive size they only ever fly a few metres at a time making it easy for flying predators to follow them to their settling place. However, the butterflies prefer to fly at dusk, when fewer predators are around.

Within the same case visitors will also be able to view a beautiful selection of sulphur and exotic blue butterflies.

Owl Butterfly 2

Period  19th to 20th Century
Location South America
Material Owl Butterfly
Find me in Colour and Camouflage, The Beaney