It was the Time of the Roses 2

Likened to Constable, Sir David Murray RA (1849 – 1933) was a Royal Academician and very prolific Scottish landscape painter. Having studied at the Glasgow School of Art under Robert Greenlees, he moved to London in 1882 where he was an immediate success.

In 1891 Murray was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy and became a full member by 1905. To broaden his horizons he travelled to the continent, but the majority of his more characteristic works are of Scottish or English landscapes.

‘It was the time of roses’ illustrates the view from Forty Acres Rose Garden, St Dustan’s, Canterbury, reflecting a late impressionist style. The title of the work is from a line in Thomas Hood’s (1798-1845) poem ‘Time of Roses’:

The world was newly crown’d/with flowers when first we met!
Period 1914
Location UK
Material Oil on canvas
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