Annual Review

Our Canterbury Museums and Galleries Annual Review 2018/19, highlights our key achievements.

  • Annual Review

In 2018, Canterbury Museums and Galleries released a new and ambitious vision for the service; a world of people, places, exploration and surprises. In this review, we looked back at a year of experimentation, innovation and learning, from high profile events to in-depth collection care.

2018 highlight includes:

  • Over 327,000 visitors.
  • Providing learning resources for 5,642 school children through 129 workshops and activities.
  • Hosting 63 specialist workshops for people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion.
  • Working with 49 museum volunteers who contributed a total of 1,465 hours of support.
  • Using our collection to engage patients suffering from mental health conditions including object handling in a hospital setting.
  • Protection and preservation of over 50,000 objects within the museum collection.
  • Renewed accreditation for both Canterbury Roman Museum and The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge.
  • Planning for our redesign of The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, and the opening of new and refreshed exhibits at Canterbury Roman Museum.

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We would like to thank our funders, partners and supporters who have enabled us to make a real difference to both local residents and visitors to Canterbury.

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