Rook in the Red Coat 4

There is a simple yet sad tale of how The Beaney came to acquire a rook dressed quite curiously in a red coat.

The intriguing story is from the early 1900s when a group of boys, looking for a bit of fun, captured a rook and dressed it quite playfully in a red coat. Unfortunately, when the rook eventually returned to its flock, still clad in its fetching red coat, it was rejected by its flock. The birds made such an almighty fuss that the keeper shot the poor rook.

Now immortalised forever in the coat which became his demise, the Rook in the Red Coat is now on display with a dozen other taxidermy friends including, quite fittingly, a red squirrel and red fox.

Period Early 20th Century
Location England
Material Rook
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