Anglo Saxon Brooch

Antiquarians, then archaeologists have been exploring Kent since the 18th Century. Their most outstanding finds were Anglo-Saxon items dating from the 5th to 8th centuries. At this time Kent was an independent, wealthy kingdom with continental connections.

The Kingdom of Kent was distinguished for outstanding craftsmanship in jewellery, metalwork and glass, many examples of which are now on display at The Beaney.

This 6th to 7th century brooch was found amongst other items excavated by John Brent (1808-1882), honorary curator of Canterbury Museum, at Kings Field in Faversham. The brooch, intricately decorated with garnets and cloisonné (metalwork pattern with enamel infill), would have belonged to someone of high social status and wealth.

Period Anglo Saxon, 6th – 7th Century
Location Kent, England
Material Silver, gold, garnet
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