Better Together exhibition to showcase artwork by young refugees and asylum seekers at The Beaney

When The Beaney reopens its doors on Tuesday 18 May, visitors will be able to see a brand new exhibition in The Drawing Room gallery. The exhibition is a collaboration between Kent Refugee Action Network and Kent artist Rhiannon Archard, featuring works from children and young people who are
refugees or seeking asylum.

The young people chose the theme ‘Better Together’ to highlight the positive influence and sense of community that has been nurtured by Kent Refugee Action Network. The collaborative nature of the artworks in the exhibit illustrates the treasured feeling of community that comes from sharing experiences. The exhibition serves as a gleaming example of how we are truly ‘Better Together’ in
every sense.

Rhiannon Archard is a Kent based artist who has a diverse creative practice including illustration, watercolours, lino printing and ceramics. She has been working with young people from Kent Refugee Action Network through a number of workshops, providing them with opportunities to experiment with different creative processes. Rhiannon presented the workshops with a focus on the creative act,
rather than the finished result, to give them the space to be in the present moment without concern for future outcomes.

Michael, a workshop participant, said: “I only started to know art when I had lessons with Rhiannon. The good things I realised about art is that for moments it makes you happy, it makes you forget the responsibilities you have, your mind stays still.”

Kent Refugee Action Network is a safe, positive space where young people who are seeking asylum or refugees can be supported to succeed. They offer a range of activities and projects for young people, alongside opportunities for local people to become involved. Kent Refugee Action Network are young people centred, and work to ensure that the young people they support live fulfilled and independent lives. The exhibition runs until Autumn 2021, and takes place in The Drawing Room at The
Beaney. Entry is free but donations are encouraged.

You can find out more about Kent Refugee Action Network and read more about Rhiannon’s work.

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