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  • Collection objects in one of the cabinets at The Beaney.

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Collections online has been redeveloped, making it much easier to find what you want. Use the search function to discover objects and topics you are interested in, and to learn more about the past and life during Roman Britain.

Discover the in-situ Roman under-floor heating system and a dazzling mosaic corridor; one of the UK’s only remaining in situ Roman pavement mosaics and a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The Collections are available to see on display in the museum, housed on the site of the remains of a very large, and no doubt very costly, Roman Town House.

Enjoy exploring the Collection online and we hope to welcome you to Canterbury Roman Museum soon.

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Collections and Image Enquiries

Canterbury Museums & Galleries can answer your questions about items in our collection and facilitate access to stored collections for researchers.

We can also supply images of items in our collections for personal or commercial use upon request.

More information on Collections and Image Enquiries 

Ethical Object Disposal

Between 2011 and 2017 collections staff conducted a series of Collections Reviews which revealed that there were some items that it would be beneficial to dispose of.

More details on our Collections Review.

Canterbury Roman Museum mosaic floor

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