Halla Hannesdottir is currently the Resident Armchair Artist at The Beaney in Canterbury. 

Hello again!
It’s been a great week during my residency as the Chairful Project launched last week and I have already collected quite a few very inventive drawings of chairs.

Last Saturday was a ‘Meet the Artist’ at the Beaney, where I was working on the project in the Materials and Masters room. I got lots of visitors as I was working on my models and was lucky enough to get quite a few more drawings. Each chair design I have received is so unique and different, which I think is a good depiction of the different personalities of the individuals who drew them.

Chairful sketches i

The sketches I had collected until Saturday were all done by adults but on Saturday I got a lot of children’s drawings. I observed a great difference between the generations. Grown ups would usually take the project a bit more seriously and have a long think about what kind of design they wanted to put on the paper, whereas the kids just went for it, sometimes drawing more than one chair or coming up with another idea straight after the first drawing.

Despite the different approaches all the drawings are very playful and I have got several themes in my collection: Alice in Wonderland Chair, a trampoline Chair, a spa chair, a chair that has a door that leads you into an adventure land and so many more! It’s really exciting how creative they all are.

Chairful models

This Thurdsay, 26th November from 12 – 4pm I will be in the Materials and Masters room continuing with the project. I will be displaying some of the miniature models I have worked on from the drawings collected – so come by and say hi – and if you haven’t yet, come by and design a chair!

And just a reminder that the Chairful Box will be up at the Beaney in the Explorers and Collectors room until 3rd December so any visitors up until that time can put in a chair design and you can also submit a drawing on twitter using #ChairfulBeaney. The final selection of Chairful models will be on display Tuesday 3rd December form 12 – 4pm.

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