This past week I have been making miniature models made from some of the drawings I shared with you on the last blog post. While drawing I really let go of any thoughts of function and utility and let the creativity run free and as a result the sketches were quite playful. I have tried to incorporate the playfulness into the models as well as some of the quirks that occur when drawing freely by hand.

Building the miniature models based on the drawings has been so enjoyable I have decided to ask visitors of The Beaney and readers of the blog to contribute to the Chairful Collection. From Tuesday 17th November until Thursday 3rd December I will be collecting drawings of chairs by participants and will be interpreting my favourites into miniature models like the ones you can see pictured below. Here are the details on the project:

For the next few weeks a Chairful Box will be by the desk in the Explorers and Collectors room of The Beaney where visitors can submit a drawing. Sketches can also be submitted via Twitter with the hashtag #ChairfulBeaney. You can follow the whole process on the blog where I will be sharing some of the drawings and models. I will be working on the project in the Materials and Masters Room on Saturday 21st and Thursday 26th November from 12 – 4pm, so come by and say hi and see some of the works in progress! The final models will be on display at The Beaney on Tuesday 8 December between 12 and 4pm.


Chairful miniature models

Draw a Chair
The drawings can be as imaginative as possible, no need to think about if it would actually work as a real size chair – that’s the beauty of the miniature. I encourage you to look at all the miniatures in the cabinets in the Materials and Masters room and look at the various shapes, detailing and styles of the furniture pieces for inspiration.

If you’re stuck, here are also a few questions that might help get the ideas flowing:
• Do you wish you had a chair that had other functions than just being a seat?
• What sort of chairs would you want to use in your dream dollhouse collection?
• Have you got a favourite chair? What are you usually doing when you’re sitting in it, is there anything missing that you’d like to be able to add to it?
• Where does the chair belong? Is it a dining room chair, Armchair, Garden Chair, Rocking Chair?

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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