Chinese Pangolin

Befitting the ethos of the Cabinet, this Chinese Pangolin is indeed an unusual treat for the eyes and inquisitive mind. Now critically endangered, the specimen on display is a rare chance to see an animal which many of us are unlikely to ever see in the wild.

  • Chinese Pangolin

The Chinese Pangolin is one of eight Pangolin types and can be found in Bangladesh, India, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Taiwan, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and of course China. Small in size, with scales resembling pinecones, it is most comparable in appearance to an anteater.

Burrowing deep underground to build their homes and getting the majority of their sustenance from nearby termite mounds, Pangolins are typically difficult to observe due to their elusive and solitary habits.

Loss of habitat and poaching has seen the species rapidly decline; however, many of the countries where the Chinese pangolin resides have now passed legislation to protect them.

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Periodc. 19th Century MaterialChinese Pangolin

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