Over the last year, I have had numerous requests from my team for me to write my ‘Talking Heritage’ blog, and unfortunately I have told them that I was too busy each time. Now, following a week that is sure to go down in history, I have stopped and taken the time to reflect.

My job at Canterbury Museums and Galleries is to preserve our City’s heritage and culture, making sure it is relevant and engaging to all. We spend time thinking about what and how we ‘collect’ objects that help uncover our history and tell our story, as well as which we might dispose of, so that we can make room for the new. 

In this time of uncertainty and unorthodox decisions, I have decided that instead of choosing an item to talk about from our collection that I will start a new collection. From today, Saturday 21st March 2020, we will document the everyday lives of our community as we pass through this point in time.

Michelle Moubarak, Museums and Cultural Programme Director

Day 64: Saturday 23 May

Wow! I can’t believe this is week nine already! We’ve come so far! All I can say is well done to the world for following the rules to help kick this virus’ butt!

Today is a Saturday and a day I’m working as the Food Hub Coordinator and this will have been my thirteenth day in total working at the hub. I’ve got a team of hard-working hub volunteers to rally round and work towards packing food parcels for our vulnerable residents. I couldn’t do this job without these guys.

Working at the hub certainly keeps you fit, as you’re on your feet all day lifting, talking, meeting and greeting drivers, more lifting, stock check, drinking tea, keeping staff morale high, keeping the hub tidy, more lifting, receiving food deliveries and there are probably more jobs than I can remember. I find it all very rewarding, particularly when we hear the comments and feedback from those who we send deliveries to.

I’ll be working on my normal job tomorrow, as Digital and Communications Officer at the council, which keeps me busy for the rest of the week. But I’ll do this after a regular circuit training zoom session with my crew from Herne Bay Rowing Club.

I’ve realised that staying in touch with those who mean a lot to you and also sticking to some sort of daily or weekly routine certainly helps!

By Emily Noyes, Digital and Communications Officer (Food Hub Coordinator)

Day 68: Wednesday 27 May

Today has been particularly strange. To be fair, every day is strange at the moment but today is my eldest son’s 18th birthday and it has been an oddly low-key affair.

As a family we have been avoiding people because several of us have pre-existing conditions that make us more vulnerable to COVID-19. This has made preparing for a big birthday marginally more challenging. We bought balloons and decorations online, which would have been great but the y on birthday seems to have escaped in the post.

We ordered several cakes from several supermarkets over several weeks but it appears cake is on many people’s minds and so they cannot be had for love nor money. Well at least, for money anyway. Hubby has bravely made one which is quite a feat as flour is also in short supply. I dare not ask how he acquired the flour. Presumably, he knows a man.

Three presents have not arrived and there has been some electronic transferring of money from relatives rather than actual presents. Mind you this is what he wanted, so he is happy.

The boy himself is waiting to hear about A Levels and university. Since being told there would be no exams he has given up rather. I understand it is hard to be motivated when your future is hanging in the balance and there is little you can do about it.

Still, one day, hopefully, things will feel a little more normal. We will be able to go out again and then, when we can, we will have a party and celebrate 18 years and more. We look forward to that day.

By Amanda Monk Peak, Teacher.