Event details

  • Thu 1 March 2018 to Mon 30 April 2018
  • All day
  • £1 per child in addition to the museum entry fee (kids go free with paying adults)
  • Canterbury Roman Museum, 11A Butchery Lane, Canterbury, CT1 2JR
  • 01227 862 162
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The Roman army would fight with various weapons including siege catapults. Roman soldiers sometimes surrounded an enemy town, so that no one could get in or out. These catapults were used to throw huge rocks over the town walls. The onager or ‘kicking ass’ catapult had a long throwing arm which fired huge balls of stone. Make your own mini onager catapult, fire your object and see how far it travels.

£1 per child in addition to the museum entry fee (kids go free with paying adults).

Location: Canterbury Roman Museum