Sensing Culture: Eye-Dentity

Sat 13th January 2024 to Sun 10th March 2024

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An exhibition of artwork made by people with sight loss.

  • Sensing Culture: Eye-Dentity
    Wendy Daws (artist and exhibition curator)
Sensing Culture: Eye-Dentity is a stunning exhibition by people with sight loss, sharing a sense of how they see the world through their collective artworks.

There are many different eye conditions and what remaining vision someone may have can vary from person to person. Eye-Dentity is a unique exhibition, inviting people to experience what it might be like to have sight loss. The ‘Eye Boxes’ in the exhibition reveal scenes that are obscured by various materials to simulate the artists’ eye condition. Some show double, blurred or no vision. Opaque film covers bright pictures and miniature works of art. Pin-hole apertures convey seeing with central vision, whilst mirrored surfaces give a sense of glare. The works are accompanied by the voices of artists who made them.

For this exhibition a series of workshops were led by the MESS ROOM with mixed media artist Wendy Daws, supported by Hannah Whittaker and Tina Ryan to work with blind and partially sighted people with the aim of creating the artwork you now see exhibited.

MESS ROOM is proud to re-use elements of TAPE by the international award-winning designer, Numen/For Use. TAPE was a fully immersive gigantic cocoon-like installation made entirely from tape installed March-June 2023 at The Historic Dockyard Chatham as part of A+E Lab’s ALT*MED Festival.

MESS ROOM CIC is an inclusive arts studio based at Sun Pier House, Chatham, where people can express themselves creatively, using a combination of activities and communication methods.

The creative workshops meet at The Beaney on a monthly basis and welcome new members: Find out more.

The Front Room, Ground Floor, The Beaney
Saturday 13 January to Sunday 10 March 2024
(Closed Mondays)

Free admission

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Image: Wendy Daws (artist and exhibition curator)

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