Give Grayson a Chance

If you think Grayson Perry’s work isn’t your cup of tea, I urge you to give this artist a chance.

The exhibition is free, so if you walk away and we haven’t managed to convince you otherwise, then you’ve lost nothing but a little time. However, I sincerely believe everyone will walk away with a positive visual experience

Grayson Perry’s work is magic.

It’s magic because the tale Grayson is telling through his tapestries is utterly relatable. The British culture is in every thread that makes them up – you might even see yourselves in them and both cringe and laugh. For an artwork to evoke such an array of sentiments to such a broad spectrum of society is very rare.

This is without taking into account their tremendous aesthetic impact – the tapestries are bold, intricate and full of surprising details you can only spot in person. One of these details is Grayson’s not-suitable-to-mention-in-a-blog signature which he includes on every piece (let us know if you find it!).

The depths of detail in his work are astonishing, adding to the element of fun he manages to create against the backdrop of a strong social message.

You can find out more about the exhibition here – we really hope you will give Grayson a chance and visit the exhibition before it closes on the 4th December.

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Grayson Perry: The Vanity of Small Differences

Saturday 8 October to Sunday 4 December

Special Exhibitions Room, The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge

18 High Street, Canterbury

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