In March and April 2019 Confidance led four, free Creative Movement sessions for 2-4 year olds and their parents. Participants were invited to join Confidance to play, explore and create in a fun and nurturing space accompanied by an eclectic mix of music. In these sessions, space was made to share the love of moving, exploring and being creative together.

Sessions lasted for an hour and a quarter with a short break. They were held in the Learning Lab with integrated visits to the galleries where the children investigated objects from The Collection that were used to inspire movement and promote engagement.

Feedback from both children and parents indicated how beneficial the sessions had been. One parent commented that they: really enjoyed the sessions. We go to a number of groups and I have never come across any groups like this before. I wish there were more sessions as would love to do something like this regularly. Participants particularly enjoyed learning about the museum Collection during the active visits to the different galleries as part of the session: I didn’t observe all the things as closely, and I like the way they became part of the session.
Plus, children’s confidence improved too: I can see that my child is much more confident in leading the ‘copy’ dance activity. They also seem more confident in speaking in a group.

Research by the Scottish Government has shown that those who participated in a creative or cultural activity were 38% more likely to report good health compared to those who did not. For participants in dance, the figure reporting good health leapt to 62% (Leadbetter & O’Connor, 2013).
Our next Health and Wellbeing project will be Music in Museums for 2-4 year olds and their parents/carers and which starts in early June 2019.

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We have a number of artist commissions that are linked to Health and Wellbeing projects, you will find these listed on our Artist Opportunities page here: