Rupert Bear Annuals

In 1936, after Alfred Bestall took over writing and illustrating Rupert Bear from Mary Tourtel, the Daily Express published the first Rupert Annual featuring comic stories, puzzles, and activities. One has been published every year since, even during World War II when there was a paper shortage, as it was thought to be good for morale! The Beaney has a complete collection of Rupert Annuals.

  • Rupert Bear Annuals

Research Activities


If a Rupert Annual has been published every year since 1936… how many Rupert Annuals are there now?


See if you can find a Rupert Annual or contact someone in your family who might remember Rupert from when they were younger.


Create your own Rupert Bear comic strip! Make a few square boxes on some paper for your illustrations and leave space for writing underneath.

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