You’ve unlocked Anansi’s stories!



The anansesem or ‘spider stories’ are part of an oral tradition, meaning that the stories are shared between people through speech more than through writing. Traditionally story tellers would introduce and  accompany their stories with music. Here you can enjoy some folk stories from Africa including a very special spider story that explains why all stories are Anansi’s!

All stories are Anansi’s

Part 1


Thank you to our partners for the story readings:

  • ‘All stories are Anansi’s’ – read by Natalie Mbunga
  • ‘Why the spider has eight legs’ – read by Natalie Mbunga
  • ‘Why the zebra is afraid of the lion’ – read by Juliani Webster-Mbunga
  • ‘Why the tick bird and elephant are friends’ – read by Shanaya Webster-Mbunga
  • ‘Why some birds and butterflies are beautiful’ – read by Lillian Ndawula
  • ‘Why the Zebra is afraid of the lion’ – read by Nwomiko Diugwu
The ‘Spider Stories’ museum trail and Loan Box was developed in partnership with EMIC, Ethnic Minorities in Canterbury, previously known as Ethnic Minority Independent Council.