Rob Turner is currently the Resident Armchair Artist at The Beaney in Canterbury. 

There’s a Grey Wagtail outside the window

The annual rubber duck race was cancelled (due to excessive water weed) but rescheduled

Where the Tour de France went

I sat in this park hoping I would get this job and work in Canterbury (came true)

The pea fritters they sell in this shop are great

map3  map2  map1

We know where Sarah’s friends house is

Location 4751 Pound Lane Canterbury

Roger the Lodger is next doors cat who invisibly gets in and  sleeps in my airing cupboard

My walk to work

We know where the trampoline club is

The Hollow Tree

And Adam runs the bike shop

Pizza Express is not in this car park


The place where I failed my driving theory test twice

Worked here in the Geography Dept for 30 Years

The Tate Gallery is in Canterbury

The site of my misery

Granddad where are we?  No idea

We stay in the Parrot every time we visit Canterbury

Get off that bike

I am the Queen of Canterbury Castle

Bradbridge’s Widow

Greggs pasties rule

And There is a piano in Tiny Tims


The unknown area in Canterbury Cathedral grounds was solved serendipitously, with a  story by a visitor to the Beaney who had that very specific location of Canterbury seared into her memory, and it is drawn on the map! She was singing in the Cathedral, a very high profile event and expectations were high and the occasion very formal with TV and the media all there. The organizers had not really thought things through, and a ‘ performers dressing room’ was hastily found as a new dress with a flag on had been made especially for this event, make up and preparation were all crucial for the performance.

The ad hock dressing room turned out to be stuffed to the gunnels with  trombones, tubas, euphoniums and kettle drums and more. So another room was sourced but it was down steps, around corners past buildings across the grass, along tunnels and a long way from the Cathedral.  How to get back was already a worry. The dressing room turned out to be a ‘dusty builders room’ with scaffolding and planks of wood and stuff all over the floor. Panic set in as she was LOST in a long dress with a flag on, wearing high heels, it had now turned dark……. and trying to following bread crumbs dropped on the ground back to……..NO, No no sorry..that’s another story someone read in the hair dressers.

I can’t remember if she was late for the start of her performance but I felt her pain.

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