Canterbury Museums & Galleries have been delivering fun and inspiring educational workshops for over 20 years, bringing subjects to life as part of a rich, cross-curricular experience.

Booking an activity provides your pupils with the unique opportunity to learn alongside a vast collection of over 5,000 inspirational artefacts and works of art.

Your class or group can handle real artefacts whilst developing a range of investigativeenquiry-based learning skills.

Our dedicated Learning team will work with you to ensure you get the most from your visit, so whether you are investigating the Ancient Egyptians, exploring art or looking to discover some incredible collections from around the globe, there is bound to be a workshop to suit your classroom needs…

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Ancient Greeks – Object Handling Session

Explore the Ancient Greeks through a range of activities which you can mix and match to create your perfect museum experience. These sessions are briefly introduced by one of our facilitators who will provide you with all the resources you need to lead your class through your choice of a range of available activities.

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Meet the Archaeologist

Meet an archaeologist to discover what archaeology can tell us about life in the past! Investigate and handle real artefacts. Workshops can focus on the practice of archaeology in general or be tailored to suit groups specifically interested in Roman archaeology. Key stage 1/beginner ESOL students, key stage 2 and 3, intermediate and advanced ESOL students.

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Victorian Toys & Games

Investigate real Victorian toys including Lily the doll and find out what they’re made of and how they work. Dress up just like Victorian children and discover toys lost under the floorboards of local buildings since Victorian times. Then make traditional marbles to take home and learn to play fun Victorian games. Key stage 1 and 2, intermediate and advanced ESOL students.

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Roman Everyday Life

Pupils will work in groups of two or three taking on the role of archaeologists, investigating and handling real artefacts from Roman Canterbury. Larger groups are divided in two, with half the class exploring museum displays, and half handling artefacts before swapping around. Key stage 1, 2 and 3, beginner, intermediate and advanced ESOL students.

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Roman Tech & Everyday Life Plus Museum Visit

This popular hands-on session gives participants the exciting opportunity to investigate different types of Roman technology, and experience first-hand the jobs of Roman workers and slaves, including hammering a Roman coin (to take home as a souvenir) and building and firing mini catapults. Key stage 1/beginner ESOL students, key stage 2 and 3, intermediate and advanced ESOL students.

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