Mummified Cat

In Ancient Egypt Mummification was not limited to humans. From snakes and beetles to hippos and crocodiles, the Ancient Egyptians mummified all sorts of different creatures. Cats, being sacred, were not excluded from this.

  • Mummified Cat

Many cats were mummified in the city of Bubastis, the centre of worship of the cat goddess, and then buried in special cat cemeteries.

This mummified cat, whose face can still be seen, would have had its insides removed and filled with earth or sand before being wrapped in bandages soaked in natron (salt) or resin. The cat’s front legs were laid by its side, and its back legs tucked up against its tummy. Bandages have been removed from the cat’s nose and mouth, but you can still see its sharp teeth, fur and whiskers.

Did you know? During Victorian times some 300,000 mummified cats were shipped to Liverpool for use as fertilizer!

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PeriodExact date unknown MaterialAnimal, Linen Cloth

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