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Audio descriptions and insights into some of the most interesting artefacts and artworks in the museum collection.

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Explorers & Collectors

B shaped window through which is a mummified cat whose teeth and snout are exposed

The Mummified Cat (2:21)

Find me in: Ancient Egypt case

B shaped window through which there is a metal rounded cross with square middle and curled engravings

The Canterbury Cross (2:11)

Find me in: Anglo Saxon Kingdom of Kent case

Materials & Masters

B shaped window through which is a grey clay figurine with a wide open mouth and black painted markings

Cochiti Pueblo Figure (2:42)

Find me in: Earth case


Audio Descriptions are used to communicate visual information and are one of the best ways for blind and partially sighted visitors to access things in museum collections. These audio descriptions are also a way for people to access the collection who cannot physically visit The Beaney.

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