Our long-term aim at the Beaney is to engage people from all walks of life, ensuring they feel welcomed and keen to return. Many of our health and wellbeing projects that take place behind the scenes produce exhibitions in our Front Room gallery – a chance to celebrate the work of participants and showcase it in a busy High Street location.

As a community exhibition space, the Front Room gallery reflects The Beaney’s aims of working with target audiences such as young people and families and facilitating projects that have an integral health and wellbeing element. Applications are welcome from community groups, cultural organisations, artists and artists’ collectives from within Kent and we work alongside groups and individuals co-curating, co-producing and sharing our skills to mutual benefit!

In a number of the Front Room exhibitions at the Beaney, we have tackled issues such as:

  • Ageing and dementia
  • Mental health and art therapy
  • Visual impairment
  • Schizophrenia and health care

Visitors use feedback cards in the gallery to join in the conversation. Why not look at our Events page to see what exhibition we are showcasing now?