Sensing Culture

The Beaney’s monthly Sensing Culture! Creative Workshops provide a space for adults living with sight loss to socialise and create artwork inspired by the museum’s unique Collection.

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The Beaney was part of an HLF-funded RNIB project Sensing Culture! to improve the museum and gallery experience for visually impaired visitors.

In 2016, The Beaney ran textile and mixed-media artist-led workshops with blind and partially sighted people creating work inspired by the buildings and collections at the Cathedral and The Beaney, culminating in an exhibition Sensing Culture – The Mark of the Maker (also the name of one of our favourite museum object handling sessions!).

Partially sighted adults are welcome to enjoy museum object handling, tactile tours, and creating artwork. £5 per session. Sessions last for 2 hours, are held in the Learning Lab and are run monthly.  If you are interested, please contact Wendy Daws on or call 07989 264768.

To view all upcoming Sensing Culture sessions visit our What’s On page here.

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