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  • Dr Sinan Rawi by Oriane Pierrepoint

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Curriculum links: Art & Design, PSHE

Themes: Portraiture, Identity, Religion

Who is the Sitter?

Dr Sinan Rawi (pronounced SIN-anne RAH-wee) is a retired lecturer of Electronics, Mathematics and Science who previously worked at Canterbury College. He is a much respected figure in the Muslim community in Canterbury. He has been grand Imam at Canterbury Mosque as well as a trustee and is well-known locally for his interfaith work.

Dr Rawi is of Iraqi origin and until this portrait was commissioned there had been no people of Arab/Middle East origin represented in the museum collection.

“…it is very kind of the people of Canterbury and the commission to have me included. It is really a great honour.” – Dr Sinan Rawi

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Dr Sinan Rawi by Oriane Pierrepoint

Who is the Artist?

The portrait was painted by artist Oriane Pierrepoint (born 1996). Oriane Pierrepoint is a portraitist with a history of involvement in community initiatives that champion inclusivity, diversity and equality. She lives and works in Wales.

“…I painted Dr Rawi in his garden… I thought it really represented that sort of nurturing side of him. He cares so much for every part of his life…” – Oriane Pierrepoint

How did they make the portrait?

There were many stages that led to this portrait being made. First the artist met with the sitter and they had conversations to get to know each other. Oriane Pierrepoint visited Canterbury mosque with Dr Rawi as well as Dr Rawi’s home and garden, where he sits in the portrait.

See the painting as it was being made: Click to read additional content Detail of Dr Rawi's clothing Detail of Dr Rawi's clothing Close Click to read additional content Detail of Dr Rawi's face Detail of Dr Rawi's face Close


‘Dr Sinan Rawi’
Oriane Pierrepoint (born 1996)
Oil on canvas
90cm x 65cm

On display: People and Places Gallery


  • Sitter: A person depicted in a portrait.
  • Identity: The aspects of someone’s life that make up their sense of self, such as their gender, beliefs, race, cultural heritage and sexual orientation etc.
  • Grand Imam: An important figure in the Muslim religion; a prayer leader, spiritual advisor and expert in Islamic Law.
  • Canterbury Mosque: A house of worship for Muslims in Canterbury.
  • Interfaith work: A process where different religions and faith groups come together to collaborate, discuss topics and take action toward a common goal, such as supporting people in the local community.
  • Taqiyah (tuh-kee-yuh): A kind of cap worn by Muslim men.

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