SEND at The Beaney

We are continuing to develop our offer for people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) at the museums so check regularly for updates.

This video produced by SENDinMuseums and featuring The Beaney shows how museums can support people with special educational needs and disabilities to engage with collections.



Visual Story

We have a visual story for visitors to use before and during their visit to the museum. The visual story guides you through what to expect at the museum, it includes both text and images. The visual story provides information about access, our touchable objects and where to find staff.

Download The Beaney Visual Story

You can also pick up a copy of the visual story from any information desk at the museum and return it when you are finished.

Ear Defenders

Ear defenders are available at the visitor information desk which you can borrow for free. Please remember to return them at the end of your visit so they can be used by other visitors.

SEND Family Backpacks

These backpacks have been made with care to support people who need some sensory support or different ways of exploring the museum.

Inside each backpack there are fidget toys, sensory aids and things to help plan your visit. There’s also a soft toy ‘Beaney Buddy’ to help guide you around the museum if you’d like it to.

1 x plastic spikey ball that lights up and flashes when you tap it
1 x wooden box with colour plastic sides that rattles – look through it and see things in a
different colour!
1 x wooden fidget toy
1 x wooden shaker egg
1 x soft toy Beaney Buddy (optional) who can guide you around the museum
4 x squares of fabric to feel
1 x talking tile that makes a sound when pressed
1 x pair of ear defenders to make things quieter
1 x magnifying glass to look at things close up
3 x small sand timers (in front pocket) used for focused time or time-out to rest
1 x choosing board with pencil case of symbols – used to plan the visit or record what favourite things you find in the museum.
1 x Eye Spy trail and a selection of symbol trails

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SEND Family Backpacks are available to pick up from the Visitor Information Centre (Ground Floor), the Atrium and the Explorers & Collectors gallery (First floor) at The Beaney.


There are different family activities around the museum including musical instruments and toys to play with. Find more information on what is in each gallery by visiting Explore by Room.

SEND Workshops

We welcome a range of groups to the museum to take part in workshops and tours. Find out more about our SEND Sensory Workshops.

SEND in museums

For more information, resources and guidance about SEND in Museums you can visit

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